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Our team of qualified educators deliver the educational program reflecting the approved Early Learning Framework, using quality resources and expert knowledge that supports the individual learning of each child.

Our room is prepared every day with a multitude of learning environments to compliment a diverse range of children, allowing all children to engage, discover, explore and develop through play.

Supporting children’s school readiness by assisting them to grow their individual learning opportunities in areas such as literacy, numeracy, speech and language development along with social and emotional well-being.
We proudly partner with the Injune State School to provide a successful transition program, ensuring the children are school ready.


Injune Early Learning is a community operated facility which means we are managed by an executive committee and employ qualified staff to manage the centre.
We are the only accredited centre in the area. We offer a one-room multi-function Long Day Care facility that caters for children aged six weeks to 10 years of age. The centre also offers Before and After School Care as well as Vacation Care

Our centre provides a warm and secure environment with a large natural outdoor play space, cosy sleep room, dedicated kindergarten section, and supervised large open plan floor area that allows children to move freely to explore a variety of activities.

Our centre is open a minimum of 48 weeks of the year.
Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5.10pm.
Closed – Public Holidays


Our service benefits from various strong community partnerships that we have forged over the years.
Our educators work alongside our families and the local community to create trusting relationships and connections. Increasing access to the local community knowledge whilst providing children with a sense of identity within their own community. The children participate in a variety of excursions and incursions which allows them to contribute and be involved in their community, thus building their self-confidence and their sense of belonging.


Our educational team of educators are qualified and passionate about your child’s education and learning experiences. Our educators develop formal educational programs designed by a qualified teacher across all age groups.

Our staff partake in a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year to ensure they provide the best environment and learning outcomes for all children.

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